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Some sounds elicit the kind of emotions you can’t quite identify. They hover somewhere between happiness and tension, offering the kind of ambiguity that is both powerful and rare. Their qualities can sometimes make such sounds difficult to use, and in the hands of an unskilled producer can easily make for an unsatisfactory outcome.

Cinematic free sound effects tibetan bells

Tibetan bells are an ancient creation that have been used for centuries in Buddhist practices. They are commonly used to help focus the mind and bring your attention to the present moment. Their simple yet beautiful chimes ring out in moments of serene clarity, taking meditation sessions to deeper and more profound realms.

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There are times when you need that special quality in your video productions, something that becomes a motif in your creation. This can be achieved in a number of ways, and whether it be a certain light filter or song in the background, each video will have its own perfect accompaniment. For some it just needs that small addition that complements the mood of the feature perfectly, for example a certain recurring sound effect or aural hook.

Free sound effects camera

The camera has, in its relatively short history, become one item that has helped shape the world. From its humble grainy sepia beginnings to the brightly coloured high resolution images of today, the camera has played its part in documenting every major cultural event of the last century.

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At Music-For-Video we believe in providing you with the finest tools to help bring your video productions to life by offering high quality royalty free music and versatile sound effects for your creative needs. In our last sample pack we gave a wide range of bowed cymbal sound effects, all in high quality wav files that have been edited for professional use.

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The tone of the bowed cymbal is one of the most well-recognised sounds in modern visual media. It has starred in countless trailers and dramatic scenes, effortlessly ramping up the suspense with its fluidly ethereal yet sharp tones.

Free Sound effects bowed metals pack

In video production it is critical to get the sound right if you are to make a professionally impressive product. Most people will naturally assume this means having clear speech whilst keeping the background noises fairly unobtrusive, and to pair the feature with music that is both suitable and of high quality. What many overlook is how important the use of sound effects is in creating an impressive and cohesive piece.

Royalty Free Music for Real Estate

Buying a home is one of the most important points in an individual’s life. Whether it is their first step onto the property ladder or their third summer home acquisition, the purchase of property is a signal of your ambitions, your character, and your means. Astute property buyers understand this and will seek the kind of homes that truly add value to their lives.

Royaty Free CInematic Piano Music

The use of the piano for cinematic purposes has long been recognised for its effectiveness. Its emotional expressiveness and dynamic ability allows it to not just be used, but also to excel in a broad range of cinematic contexts.