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Regular visitors to the site may recall the first Magic Ambience Free sound Effects that previously featured on Music-For-Video.

The shimmering and glistening sound effects introduced proved so versatile and enticing that it was decided that a second Magic Ambiance compilation was needed.
Now, after collecting a series of yet more high quality samples that fit the mood and atmosphere of the first pack, Music-For-Video present the Magic Ambience Free Sounds Pack 2. Continuing where the original Magic Ambience Free Sounds Pack left off, this second compilation offers a fresh selection of yet more samples that sound like moonlight and mist.

The reverb and delay drenched sound effects contained within essentially act to pad out your arsenal of options to allow you to find the best sounds for the best moments. These are rich and ethereal pieces of work, specially designed to add a deep atmosphere to whatever they accompany.

Ambience Pack 02 content. ( 171mb uncompressed wav files)

21 Ambience sounds : length between 13sec. and 3.10 minutes - great for magic and fantasy atmospheres.

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Conjuring images of serene darkness, the samples in Magic Ambience Free Sound Pack 2 can be used in a wide variety of contexts. The immediate association some will have is to pair these sounds with features that are magical or fantastical in nature, where the qualities of the samples are perfectly fitted with the visual themes onscreen. This is in no small part due to their otherworldly feel that makes them seem like they are passing some unseen barrier to enter this reality, and imbue any scene they accompany with this same sensation.

The term ‘otherworldly’ is also rather appropriate due to how well the samples fit with cosmic and interstellar themes. The eternal vastness of space is a fine fit for these whispering sound effects to be paired with, dragging you into the black expanse in search of alien planets, dying stars and shining nebulae. This is in no small part due to the mystery of these samples that fit the great unknowns of our solar system, galaxy, and beyond.

This free sound pack is not simply restricted to the fantastical or cosmic, however, and its contents can actually be used wherever a scene demands a touch of the unreal. Whether your feature is a period drama or a political thriller, as long as it features scenes that take a break from the everyday and mundane then you will find a place for the samples herein.

This can be in the form of a religious experience, a meditative state, a revelation or a dream, with these sounds fitting the vibe in just the right way. Interestingly these sound effects are created in a far more simple way than you may presume from the preceding descriptions, but are nonetheless highly effective.

Most are a combination of various chimes and percussive samples that are layered and edited in such a way to create their mysterious grandeur, resulting in a neutral yet powerful effect. The best way to experience this for yourself, however, is simply to download the 171mb pack and see how the 21 ambient sound effects within can transform your production.

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