Bowed cymbal sounds

At Music-For-Video we believe in providing you with the finest tools to help bring your video productions to life by offering high quality royalty free music and versatile sound effects for your creative needs.

In our last sample pack we gave a wide range of bowed cymbal sound effects, all in high quality wav files that have been edited for professional use.

For those who are unfamiliar with bowed cymbal effects, the name is an apt description and the perfect place to start.
A bowed cymbal sound is created by using a cello or violin bow (any will do, quality is not so important!) on the edge of a cymbal from a drum kit or elsewhere, ‘playing’ the cymbal as it sits atop a floor tom drum.

The sound created will depend on many factors – the size and shape of the cymbal, the quality, type and age of the metal, how swiftly the bow runs across it, and the dimensions of the floor tom.

Bowed cymbals Pack 02 content. ( 83mb uncompressed wav files)

(51) Fifty one Bowed cymbals sounds edited and ready to use in your video production - plain and effected versions.

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Not quite satisfied with how many of these useful samples were made available, however, we present a second bowed cymbal free sound effects sample pack to ensure you are not left wanting. This second sample pack offers all the quality and variety of the first but adds more choice, making the pair of them a full solution to your bowed cymbal sound effect needs.

If these diverse factors weren’t enough to intrigue you about the aural possibilities on offer with bowed cymbal effects, the sound can also be heavily manipulated by the movement of the cymbal along the tom. It can be erratically moved from side to side, slowly push back and forth from the rim, or moved in circular motions at various speeds. The possibilities are vast, and experimentation can elicit a wide range of sounds.

What is surprising is just how expressive these sounds can be. When most people think of sound effects, they think of noises that are often devoid of any particularly musical pitch and usually have some percussive quality to them. Bowed cymbal effects are quite different and rather more musical in their creation and end result. The sound has a much more melodic edge that comes through with careful listening, as certain pitches can be used to work alongside a feature’s soundtrack for added effect.

Free cinematic bowed cymbals
This musicality has other benefits too that allow bowed cymbal effects even more versatility. The level of control possible by using the instrument components to create this sound means a level of expressiveness that is rarely matched in other sound effects. They can be warped to create sounds that are at once beautiful and frightening, or ugly yet intriguing. Yet however they are used, their impact cannot be denied.
So download our second bowed cymbal free sound effects sample pack here and add some extra excitement to your video project.

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