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From the unsettling to the threatening to the downright hideous, the sound effects found in horror have always been an opportunity for sound designers to stretch the limits of their imagination and creativity. The sound variety here is truly impressive, and with an endless array of horrifying and bleak imaginings both real and fantastical to inspire, it is no wonder the audio factor of horror is so rich.

This can encapsulate everything you can imagine to be both terrifying and strange, from the gurgled screams of a dying murder victim to the chitinous rustlings of an oversized carnivorous insect. Their settings may be in an old school, an abandoned warehouse, a thick dark forest, or the endless black of outer space. Such a variety of places and circumstances are what makes our Free sound effects for Video and Film Production found in horror features so rich in creativity and diversity.

Scary Pack 02 content. ( 73mb uncompressed wav files)

70 Sounds: Piano FX, Horror voices and screams, Heavy breaths and strange animals.

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This means that you will likely never be able to amass all the Horror sound effects samples you could ever need, but with this second free scary sound effects sample pack from you are at least one step closer. This sample pack contains over 70 different sounds that include screams, horrifying voices, unsettling heavy breathing, and the cryptic noises of creatures unknown to mankind. Along with this are manipulated samples from conventional instruments, adding a disturbing twist to otherwise recognisable and safe sounds.
All this is in a 73mb pack with each sample being presented in high-quality wav format.

While there are many great horror features created on a shoestring budget, there are also no shortage of amateur attempts that fall short of the mark. A big part of much of this is due to the poor sound design choices made, where low quality or clearly fake sound effects sully an otherwise passable feature.

The sample packs offered by will always be provided with a bitrate and format that makes them suitable for professional use on all levels, regardless of whether they are distributed for free or otherwise. This means that although your horror production may be fraught with countless potential pitfalls, the quality of your sound effect samples will not be one of them.

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Another great part of the creativity and versatility in horror is that the choice of which sound effect to use is often restricted only by your imagination, and one sample can be used for many different settings. That ominous rumbling could be a giant creature awakening, it could be the sound of a disturbance in an old crypt, or it could be the start of a terrible earthquake.

Free sound effects scary sound pack 02The take-away from this should be to remember the importance of creativity and quality in your horror sound effects. Having many samples for such a task is good, but having even more will always be better, and with this free scary sound effect sample pack we are bringing you a little closer to your goal.

We have thousands of sound effects that can greatly help your video production.

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