What we do:
We produce and license our catalog of music tracks.
We don’t just sell royalty free music: we compose and produce it from the ground up.

We are passionate musicians and producers, we love what we do, we have been doing this for a long long time, we try to do it at our best and if you buy our licence, that is our Grammy .

Your productions are the result of countless hours of effort and dedication. They represent your ability, your ambition, and whether you are making a feature film, a promotional scene, or even a video game, your creation deserves a high quality audio accompaniment to bring it to life.
Sourcing the right music can lead many into difficult copyright or compatibility issues, however, and with deadlines looming this can quickly become a concern.

Here at Music For Video we understand this and are committed to providing the soundtrack your works need.
As a music publishing company we are proud to have worked alongside big name brands such as Ferrari, BMW, Maserati and Panasonic to add value to their media output, and remain committed to providing the same for you. We also make sure all our music is royalty free and accessible with the simplest music license you can imagine.

There are no restrictions to who may benefit from our music regardless of their position, with professional media-makers, indie directors, corporate video producers and YouTube channel creators all utilising our material. Indeed our royalty free music can be used in any form of interactive media, whether that be a website, a video game, an app, or anything that would benefit from audio accompaniment.

We have a continually growing and diverse selection of over 150 albums of music (more than 4000 audio tracks), with styles ranging from rock to ambience to add the finishing touch to your production.
Among our sizeable catalogue we are especially proud to present our cinematic epic albums along with the piano and string collections.

It is here that we believe our products can make the most impact, adding life to a scene to turn a special moment into an unforgettable one.

All our music can be previewed on this website, or alternatively you can head to Spotify and browse our catalogue on the Mfvgroup artist page.

We’re dedicated to making our content work for you, and with so many albums covering so many different styles we’re confident you’ll find the perfect track for that perfect moment.

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