Is your license a yearly subscription?

No, it's a One Time Fee. It means you have access to all the music catalog and updates forever. Membership never expires.

Why should I have to buy your license? I have already a subscription with….. ( Artlist, Motionarray, Soundstripe… etc.)

If you compare our license to the others subscription based licenses you are missing the point of our deal.
The idea behind our license is that of avoiding the stress of subscription.
With more than 4200 audio tracks that cost less than 10 cents each and that you can use forever on any type of media (Broadacast, Advertising, Film, Social, Corporate etc.) Music for video is like a very fine, high-quality Swiss Army music library, that you buy once and will be with you forever.
Just think different and you'll see the value of our offer.

Do you sell worldwide?


What are the accepted payment methods?

You can pay with credit cards: Visa, American Express and Mastercard through Stripe platform, or Paypal.
Important note: we have no ability to charge credit card. This is all handled by Stripe and Paypal and we don't have any access to this information.

Where can I use the music when I buy “Lifetime Music Membership”?

There is no limit to the use or territory or time length, except the obvious ones listed below.


  • Re-sell the music even if the audio has been heavily edited or had anything added or taken away.
  • Claim ownership in any part of the licensed recordings through the YouTube Content ID system. This stands even if the audio is synchronised with your own uploaded project.
  • Re-sell the licensed track/s in question on its own or as part of a package, and it may only be sold as part of your completed project/product.
  • Add voice or instruments to make a new music recording.

Is my Subscription good for TV and Radio advertising?

Yes, our “Lifetime music License” license allows you to use all of the tracks for TV and radio commercial advertising, local and national.

Can I edit the music to create loops and different lenght versions to fit my production?

Definitely Yes!

Do I need a license for each track when it’s used on a project?

No, with our Lifetime Music Membership you have a single license that covers all uses, always available to download from your private account.


YES, the license covers content distributed on broadcast television and equivalent OTT (over-the-top) networks (Netflix, Prime video, HBO max,Hulu, etc.) and national/international theatrical releases.

Are downloads really unlimited?

As a Lifetime Music member, you can download as many tracks as you need. Just remember that membership only covers a single user, and we don’t allow automatic downloading tools.

Do I have access to use any song?

Yes. You have full access to download any song on our platform.

What currency do you use?

All prices are listed in Euros.

Do I have to pay VAT?

We are located in Italy and are required to follow the European Union VAT rules. This means that:

  • If you are located in Italy you will pay 22% in taxes. This will apply regardless of whether you are a company or private individual, though you can reclaim this if you are purchasing on behalf of a company.
  • If you are located in a European Union country and don't have a valid VAT number we are required to add 22% VAT taxes
  • If you are located in a European Union country and have a valid VAT number you don't have to pay VAT.
  • If you are located outside the European Union, the price will always be tax free.

How do I download a preview?

Please apply for a FREE account. When you are logged in you can simply click the icon to the right of each track.
We have watermarked low-resolution previews available which allow you to test the files in your projects before purchasing the license.
NOTE: Preview Files are only for reviewing purposes and their usage is not covered by our License Agreement.You are NOT allowed to use preview tracks in any kind of final production.

Do you have a refund policy?

After you purchase the license we can not offer a refund. But you can test music with a free account as long as you need.

Is all of your royalty free music original?

Yes, of course! None of our tracks can be found in any other music library in the world, and all of our music belongs exclusively to Orla snc.

Can I use your music on Youtube?

Yes. And you can monetize your video if you want to.
We rely on Youtube's Content ID to to protect our work from unauthorized use.
If you have the licnse and receive a claim, this is merely informing you that your video contains copyrighted music. It's not a penalty, just a notice.
If you purchased a license and want to remove the claim please contact us (please include license details for faster processing).

What is Royalty free music?

When you purchase the subscription and download one of our music tracks, you are granted a perpetual royalty free license to use this track in your videos, games, and other media projects as outlined in our license .
You do NOT become the owner of that track.

Royalty free, in “Lifetime Music membership”, means that you are NOT required to pay any additional licensing fees ( royalties) for the recurring use of that track.
If you want to read more about Royalty Free Music there is a great article at Premiumbeat blog

What royalty free music is NOT?

  • Royalty free is not Copyright free: it is protected and copyrighted by the composers who created it. They only allow people to use their music after a license has been purchased.
  • Royalty free music is not free music: it means the music is free from royalties. When you purchase a license you don't have to come back and pay royalties afterwards.
  • Royalty free music is not something you can buy and own: you buy a license to use the music in your projects in accordance with the license purchased.

What about P.R.O. and Public performance rights?

The Public Performance rights are still owed to the publisher/composer of the music track/s every time the track is performed publicly ( radio, television, film, etc), but these are paid by the network broadcasting the music. You must notify cue sheets to broadcasting stations, collection agencies and networks to report music used in radio and TV advertisements, TV shows etc.. Cue sheets are provided by us upon request, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for these to be forwarded to you.

Are your music registered with a P.R.O. ?

Yes, all our music are registered with SIAE (Società Italiana degli Autori ed Editori - Italian Authors and Publishers Society).

Still have questions? Please Contact us, we are here to help.