• Do you sell worldwide?


  • How can I purchase music licenses on this website?

    Browse the catalogue at https://orlamusic.sourceaudio.com to choose and buy the right music for your projects.

    Please note: if you are from a EU contry Contact us directly. the webstore at the moment can't manage VAT.

  • Do I have to pay VAT?

    We are located in Italy so we follow the European Union VAT rules which means that:

    • If you are located in Italy, you will pay 22% taxes (regardless the fact you are a company or not... but you can get it back if you're a company)
    • If you are located in an European Union country and don't have a valid VAT number , we have to add 22% VAT taxes .
    • If you are located in an European Union country and have a valid  VAT number you don't have to pay VAT.
    • If you are located out of the European Union, the price will always be tax free

  • What currency do you use?

    All prices are listed in EURO.

  • Do you have a refund policy?

    After you purchase and download the file we can not offer a refund.

  • In what file format will you deliver the track?

    After your purchase, you will receive a link to download a high quality .wav file.

  • You have different versions of some tracks. Do I have to buy different licenses for them?

    No. When you purchase a license for a track all the different versions will be sent to you .(some tracks have up to 8 different versions).

  • Is all of your royalty free music original?

    Of course YES. No one of our tracks can be found in any other music library and all of them belong exclusively to Orla snc.

  • Can I use your music on Youtube?

    Yes. And you can monetize your video if you want to.

  • What royalty free music is NOT?

    • Royalty free is not Copyright free: it's protected and copyrighted by the composers who created it. They only allow people to use the music by selling them a license.
    • Royalty free music is not Free music: it means it's free from royalties: when you purchase a license you don't have to come back and pay royalties like in needle drop,
    • Royalty free music is not something you can buy and it's yours: you buy a license to use the music in your projects in accordance with the license you bought.