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ONE TIME PRICE: € 290  ( Plus VAT where applicable ) - NO subscription, NO Annual Renewal, Usage for All media, Worldwide, in Perpetuity.
More than 4000 Music tracks spanning many genres, from Epic to Corporate to Cinematic, especially created to ease day to day job for media producers.

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  • NO subscription - You don’t pay for a subscription plan, you buy a Lifetime Music Membership. It costs a flat one-time fee and lasts indefinitely,

  • NO annual renewal - When you decide to get our “Lifetime Music Membership” you will never have to pay every year. Lifetime Music Membership has no expiration period and has no hidden monthly or yearly recurring payments.

  • USE in ANY Market - The License covers all market uses: from social video, to TV advertising, to Blockbuster movies: all over the world and without time limits.
    You can use it in content distributed on BROADCAST TELEVISION and equivalent OTT (over-the-top) networks (Netflix, Prime video, HBO max,Hulu, etc.) and national/international theatrical releases.

  • USE The Music forever - Since this is a Lifetime license you will be enabled to use all the tracks in the catalog forever.

  • ACCESS to all future releases - When you buy the Lifetime Music Membership all present and future music upgrades will be available to you free of charge. We will keep improving our catalog and you will have access to all future releases with no restrictions.

  • ONE TIME PRICE: € 290 ( Plus VAT where applicable ) - To keep up with the times and the needs of media producers, we are licensing our music catalog on a lifetime membership basis. We believe it's an unmatched value for money.

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Lifetime Music Membership License

Our non-exclusive Lifetime Music Membership license will permit you to make use of the “music for video” catalog (including all future updates) anywhere in the world. This license will also permit the music to be used for as long as desired in an unlimited number of media and multimedia projects. This license defines a New (Media/Multimedia) Project as a production which utilises new media or multimedia platforms. These may include but are not limited to – online videos, corporate training, slideshows, website background music, videos posted on social media sites, company websites, video sharing sites,online tutorials, corporate internal presentations, e-learning courses, internet advertisements, broadcast, etc..

The license also allows you to use the purchased recording in both free and paid apps for Android, iOS, and other online games and apps.

Once purchased, the license permits the use of the recording in an unlimited number of copies or downloads, allowing the mass duplication of apps, podcasts, games, and other audio or video productions that are intended to generate revenue whether by advertising or sales. This includes both digital products and any productions that will be physically distributed such as CDs, DVDs, or any kind of product kept on a storage medium such as video games, software films and audiobooks.

Finally, the license also allows the use of the recording in digitally distributable productions such as in videos on iTunes, Netflix, or Video on Demand, as well as games, podcasts and apps that generate revenue through sales or advertisements.

Purchase of the license will allow the licensee to use the recording in question worldwide for an unlimited duration of time. It can be used in as many projects as desired, as many times as needed, for radio, television or in-theatre advertising. This License permits the licensee to use the recording worldwide in commercial films and theatre productions for as long as needed in commercial theatre productions, or in the theatrical distribution of commercial film productions.

ADVERTISING: the “Lifetime Music Membership” license allows the licensee to use the Recording on an unlimited number of advertising productions. These may include but are not limited to: advertising spot for television, radio, web, in-theater advertising.

It is important to remember that this license does not include any public performing rights. You must use cue sheets to notify stations, collection agencies and networks of music used in radio and TV advertisements, TV shows,etc.. Cue sheets are provided by us upon request, please email "office ( @ )" if you need help.

Orla snc holds all copyrights and neighboring rights of the music catalog and is the sole rights holder of the Recordings. All of the tracks are registered with S.I.A.E. (the Italian Society of Authors and Publishers).

Additional Terms

Please note that this license only permits your own personal or professional use. You are permitted to use the licensed recording for both personal and professional purposes carried out for customers and/or employers.

Limitations of Use
You shall not be permitted to transfer, give away, sell, sublease or share either the license agreement or recordings to any other individual or body.
You shall not be permitted to re-sell the licensed track in question on its own or as part of a package, and it may only be sold as part of your completed project/product.
You shall not be permitted to re-sell the licensed track recording or make it available alongside any competing products, such as in music libraries or music compilations.
You shall not be permitted to share your access credentials with friends or colleagues.
You may use any of our licensed tracks you have purchased on YouTube but Orla snc retains ownership of the recording in question.
You shall not be permitted to claim ownership in any part of the licensed recordings through the YouTube Content IDsystem. This stands even if the audio is synchronised with your own uploaded project.


You shall not be permitted to re-sell the recording or make it available to others on the basis that the work is your product or that ownership of the music rests with you. This applies even if the audio has been heavily edited or had anything added or taken away. Orla snc shall retain ownership and copyright of the music and recording at all times.


We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that our music library remains online and available at all times. We cannot,however, guarantee that our entire music library catalogue will be available at all times during the agreement term. It is possible that Orla snc shall, at times, discontinue licensing parts of its catalogue at its own discretion.

Limitation of Liability

Orla snc has the right to grant licenses, at its discretion, to paying customers and cannot accept any liability beyond the price paid for use of the license itself. Upon purchasing any license from Orla snc you accept that this is granted to you without anyother recourse or warranty.


The agreement herein shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the national laws of Italy, and any parties entering into this agreement agree for all legal and contractual matters to be subject to the law within the jurisdiction of Italy, specifically to the courts of the judicial district of Sondrio. The parties hereby accept and agree that this agreement is to be drafted in English. ( Le parti richiedono espressamente che questa licenza sia redatta in lingua inglese ). No part of this agreement shall be construed as meaning a joint venture or commercial partnership exists between the parties involved, and shall remain applicable to any relevant heirs, executors or administrators of the parties. If any part of the present agreementis deemed invalid or unenforceable by a court of law in the relevant jurisdiction then all remaining parts of this agreementshall remain valid and active in full force.
The license shall take effect only when full payment for such use is received by Orla snc.