free bowed metals sounds

There are times when you need that special quality in your video productions, something that becomes a motif in your creation.

This can be achieved in a number of ways, and whether it be a certain light filter or song in the background, each video will have its own perfect accompaniment.
For some it just needs that small addition that complements the mood of the feature perfectly, for example a certain recurring sound effect or aural hook.

Such small details can endlessly help your production, adding an atmosphere that brings it to life.
Nowhere is this more important than in those features that demand a certain mood to work, requiring close attention to the elements that build this up. have taken steps to help with this through their series of sample packs, and in their latest addition now offer a selection of 35 bowed metal free sound effects.

Bowed Metals Pack 02 content. ( 83mb uncompressed wav files)

35 Bowed Metal objects sounds edited and ready to use in your video production - plain and mangled versions.

Download the Free Bowed Metals Sound Pack 02

This 83mb pack offers all the samples in high-quality wav format, making them suitable for all kinds of use. Much like the previously released bowed cymbal sample packs, the bowed metal packs excel when used to conjure darkness and suspense. The very sound they make is unnatural, the product of mankind’s creations being used for unpleasant ends. This aspect of bowed metals comes from its industrial associations, pieces of metal churning against one another in agonised groans or teasing brushed strokes.

At their core these are unnatural noises, sounding like a choir made from the discarded components of an abandoned factory or mechanical warehouse. They carry this coldness into their character, imbuing any scene they accompany with the eeriness of the aforementioned places. This atmosphere is ideal for horror videos and thrillers, or any feature in a fairly modern setting that requires dark overtones.

The degree to which bowed metals can be manipulated will, much like bowed cymbals, give them an expressive musical quality beyond what most other sound effects are capable of. Bowed metal sounds, however, are not always captured using the same specially created musical instruments that are utilised on bowed cymbal sounds. The result is that bowed metals often have a rougher - more dangerous sounding, edge to them.

This combination of musicality and roughness allows bowed metal sound effects to be used in a far more flexible way, offering the kind of dynamics and musicality that will see them perfectly match the pace of the scene. They can rise and fall in intensity as needed, being used more similarly to a musical score than a stock set of sound effects.

Whilst their application is primarily in horror and thriller features, the suitability of bowed metals in scenes that capture feelings of danger and suspense makes them suitable for a wide range of areas. Whether you can think of a perfect place for them in your latest project or simply appreciate the usefulness they may provide in the future, this bowed metals free sound effects pack is not to be missed.

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