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Here at Music for Videoc we have some major developments in store that will see us expanding our services in the near future to better suit our customers’ needs. We’ll be opening up a broad range of royalty free music selections that are sure to have something just right for your video production, app development, or any undertaking that requires accompanying music.

A different Royalty Free music

different epic royalty free music

In production music there are many styles that can be utilised. Gentle ambience can be found alongside beat-heavy electronica, and each has its right place. Consistency can be a powerful tool to a soundtrack, however, and such disparate sounds may perhaps fit the moment but do little to unify the production thematically.

Royalty Free Action build-up music

Royalty free action build uo music

The right Royalty Free Music in the right place can benefit any scene. Films throughout the decades have brought us countess memories thanks to their striking musical accompaniments at critical moments. Perhaps nowhere can we see this better at work than in modern action films and their ever-included build up music.

Corporate royalty free music

ROyalty free corporate music

Sourcing the right music for corporate promotional material can prove surprisingly challenging. The music must be engaging yet tasteful, inspiring without being melodramatic, and must remain suitable at all times for a broad and highly professional audience. With big clients and serious business opportunities at stake it pays to make sure the music accompanying your corporate video gives off the right impression.

What is production music?

Production music meaning

Throughout its history, ‘Production Music’ (or ‘Stock Music’) has undergone numerous changes as its style and usage has adapted with the times. The origins of Production Music most likely lie with the birth of cinema, where screenings would be accompanied by a pianist or organist providing a live soundtrack to the event.

Royalty free music for slapstick comedies

music for slapstick comedies

 Most people enjoy the antics of slapstick comedy. What they do not realize is just how much a part of the comedies were due to the music which was being played in the background. There is no denying the effect the old time piano music has on the soul. People just respond to the music when it is being played. The royalty free music you will find on Slapstick Comedy I combines styles from ragtime, swing, boogie and jazz.

Royalty Free battle Epic music

Music for battle royalty free

You’ve seen this type of scene in a movie thousands of times before. There is an epic, climatic battle that takes place in the movie. While there are actors flying around the screen, battling against one another, they are not the only part of the overall mood of the scene. The epic score of music playing during the right scene adds to the overall chaos and beauty of the battle scene.

Finding the Right Tempo with Royalty Free Chillout Music

Chillout music royalty free

There are different feelings you would like to create for different presentations. Not every presentation needs to be flashy with in your face music. Luckily there is a selection of tracks which will help you to create just the right feeling for your presentation. If you need your music relaxed rather than excited, then Volume 181 - MId tempo chill beats, from our Royalty Free Catalog is right for you and will fit your needs perfectly. Take a trip and listen to the tracks yourself to get a feeling for the music you will use in your next presentation.

Introspective Piano Royalty Free Music for Video

Royalty free piano music

There is no denying the individual feeling which is created by solo piano music. It is no wonder people will turn on piano music when they are trying to think or when they want to be inspired. This is exactly the kind of mood which will be set when you use Introspective Piano tracks. The royalty free music for piano you find here will help to create a feeling which causes you to reflect on what is being presented to you.

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