free ambience sounds

With a shimmering radiance these sounds emerge in a way that is both magical and natural.

They appear as something otherworldly yet very familiar, like something pulled from a dream that has been lost to time yet left behind a feeling that cannot be forgotten.

Both soothing and stimulating, their significance transcends what is initially heard in an inattentive listen to provide an almost meditative effect that can calm and transport the mind just as a deep meditation session does.
Naturally such qualities can easily find a place in media projects today, and their versatility and global recognition mean there is rarely anywhere they would be unwelcome.

The aspiring producer never has enough samples to select from in their box of tools to make their vision a reality, and have decided to take steps to address this through their selection of high quality and regularly released sample packs.

Ambience Pack 01 content. ( 171mb uncompressed wav files)

20 Ambience sounds : length between 11sec. and 2.40 minutes - great for magic and fantasy atmospheres.

Download the Ambience Pack 01  

 On this occasion we have before us the Magic Ambience Free Sound Effects pack that includes 20 ambient sound effects that range in length from 11 seconds to 2.40 minutes. These all come together in an uncompressed yet small 171mb pack that could see your project transformed from the amateurish to the impressive. What a range of applications these samples can be potentially used for too.

The nature of the effects in this sample pack makes them suitable for a very broad range of uses. They might immediately be thought of as ideal in fantasy features, where common themes of magical abilities and otherworldly settings would make them seem naturally at home.

After this they may be assumed to fit best in a sci-fi production where they can be used anywhere in the cosmos or alongside a vast breadth of unimagined technologies, adding a cold ethereal feature to any such scene. Yet these are far from the only uses that can be found for this magic ambience free sound effects pack.

These samples will fit anywhere that needs a glowing touch, somewhere that takes you beyond the world you know. This means they can fit wherever there is a dream sequence, or if your feature demands a transcendental feel to it. In fact they will fit anywhere that simply suggests some significant break with everyday reality. As alien as they may seem upon reading this, these sound effects are far from uncomfortable and are actually very soothing.

At times resembling backing tracks for meditation exercises, the sound effects are composed of a rich combination of instruments and noises that include chimes, swelling synths, very subtle percussion and bells. Yet while their individual components may be fairly easily identified, when taken together the effect is magical and far more than the sum of its parts. The result is a sample pack you cannot ignore and offers the kind of utility that is only rarely found.

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