royalry free msuic piano

The piano is a globally loved instrument in the truest sense. It is a universally recognised sound, held with a certain esteem everywhere you go.

From its origins in Europe the instrument has spread across the world, being incorporated into the musical canon as far as Latin America and East Asia.

While the exact reasons for this would require extensive explanation, the fact is that the piano has an incredibly broad appeal. Simply put, everyone seems to like the sound of the piano!

Such is this that a commonly heard regret from people in their adult lives is that they wish they had learned to play the piano at an early age.
Perhaps this is why there is such a widespread connection to the instrument, a receptiveness to hearing it that other instruments cannot capture.
Whatever the reasons, it is this acceptance and affection for the instrument that makes the piano such a popular and successful choice for use in production music.

The piano holds many associations with the general public, making it easy to use for a variety of purposes and styles. Royalty free piano music is both common and in demand for this very reason. It is found everywhere, from classical pieces to rock music, easily fitting in without a problem.

This versatility is a result of its natural qualities. The piano is a very dynamic instrument, channelling the desired emotions of the player with ease.
It can be played quickly for a spritely or manic effect, or slowly for a more relaxed or morose feel.
This is combined with the responsiveness of the keys that allows a level of control rarely found in other instruments, giving the player the power to be as loud and aggressive or soft and gentle as they wish.

The music track in this video is "Summer Breeze" from album Positive Piano .

It is these factors that make royalty free piano music so popular. Its versatility makes it suitable for a broad range of professional and casual applications, easily accompanying a presentation to a top law firm or promotional video for an aristocratic estate. Equally, however, it can be comfortably used to promote a more humble start-up business or comedy sketch with ease. Because of this, royalty free piano music is as diverse as the settings in which it can be used, performing high-brow classical pieces, swing music passages or simple childish melodies with equal suitability.

Regardless of its use, the piano has deep rooted associations with education and class, conferring an element of these qualities on whichever feature royalty free piano music is accompanying. Yet despite its utility making royalty free piano music commonplace in production music, it has lost none of its timeless allure or value. So if you are wondering what to use for your next production, you can’t go wrong with royalty free piano music.

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