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Dreamland, one of our most relaxing royalty free music collections yet, truly sets the scene for multiple scenarios in both movies, videos, and life. Dreamland focuses on music that gives off a true feeling of lightness and dreaminess.

Dreamland is perfect for documentaries. The light piano and ambient sounds provide the perfect background music for the video. The music will compliment the voice of the speaker as they talk about a specific topic and issues. The music can also help to set a scene, providing the perfect emotional balance for a nature scene.

The music track in this video is "Flower" from our Album: Dreamland

This ethereal, dreamy music is also perfect for movies. This music can provide the perfect music for a scene that is trying to give off a sense of immense relaxation and joy. Dreamland is simply perfect for movies, both small and large, that feature nature scenes. Imagine sweeping shots of the beauty of nature supported by the soft sound of piano and ambient sounds.
Dreamland music is also perfect for those who are trying to promote relaxing meditative videos. This music will help your clients to relax as they perform yoga moves or meditative actions. The calming, relaxing music simply adds to the simplicity and beauty of relaxation.

Documentary Royalty Free Music Dreamland is the perfect music for any type of video recording. Dreamland is also perfect for home use. Dreamland can easily set the tone of happiness and relaxation in your house. It is perfect for those who need to unwind with a warm bath, or those who need to de-stress to fall asleep. The different tracks in dreamland aim to give off a sense of relaxation, whether it be for videos, documentaries, or at home.
Dreamland features 15 different audio tracks that can give you a relaxing, calming feeling. These tracks offer a spacious, dreamy emotion that may be the perfect fit for your video, documentary, or movie.

La music in this video is "skyline" from our album: Dreamland

This music collection will provide you with the sounds that you need to match the emotion of your work. This dreamy, ethereal collection of music will be able to give strength and beauty to any nature scene. Sample the different selections in this collection to find the track that fits your needs. When you finally chose a track from the Dreamland collection of music, you can be sure to find the perfect balance between the art of video and the art of music.

The music track in this video is "Imaginary tale" from our Album: Dreamland

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NO, this License is a One time Price. NO subscription. NO Annual Renewal.

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All the tracks can be used for All media, Worldwide, in Perpetuity.
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As a Lifetime Music member, you can download as many tracks as you need. Just remember that membership only covers a single user, and we don’t allow automatic downloading tools.

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YES, the Lifetime license covers content distributed on broadcast television, OTT networks (Netflix, Prime video, HBO max,Hulu, etc.) and national/international theatrical releases.

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YES. With Lifetime Music Membership, you are a member with full access to all the music catalog and updates forever!
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