Royalty Free Christmas Music

The weather grows colder, the nights become longer, and before you know it there is a thick blanket of snow on the ground.

 The scarves, hats and gloves come out, we see colourful lights begin to appear on houses and in the streets.

You walk home and open the door, the TV is on, and you hear those familiar opening chords...and it is at that moment you truly know it is Christmas.

The festive period means many things to many people. It can be a time of happiness, a time of giving.
It can be a time to reflect on the past year and be thankful for everything we have.

Above all though, it is a time of warmth and kindness, a rare respite from the busy bustling world to think about the things that are truly important.

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Royalty free Christmas music for Producers

For video producers and businesses, understanding this is a key factor in making the most of the holiday season. Properly grasping this will add value to your product, make it more appealing, harnessing the beauty of the Christmas period to keep your video production relevant. Viewers and customers almost expect a degree of festive spirit in your output at this time of year, and may be somewhat disappointed not to see it.
It is for this reason that Music-For-Video have created two albums full of original royalty free Christmas music that truly captures the heart-warming brightness of this time of year. Xmas Tunes and Xmas Tunes II offer everything from up-tempo bouncing tracks to peaceful songs to slip into sleep with on a snowy dark December night. There is music for celebrations, music for reflection, with each track recognisably fitting somewhere into the experience of the Christmas period.

The music in this video is christmas comedy from album Xmas tunes

Xmas Tunes and Xmas Tunes II use every tool available to create this Christmassy feel. Each sound and compositional technique we hear is distinctly suited for the holidays. Every song is joyful, emotional in one sense or another. Toy-box chiming melodies innocently sing while gentle swung percussion holds the rhythm alongside the warm sound of the double bass. Choral swells are introduced that feel both comforting and nostalgic.

This combination of familiar elements placed alongside the fact these songs are all totally original compositions makes both albums the perfect royalty free Christmas music to use in your productions. One listen of Xmas Tunes or Xmas Tunes II and you will instantly be taken to a world of brightly decorated trees, twinkling lights and falling snow. Combining warm gentle tones, smooth composition and high production values, have created two albums that are sure to meet your commercial musical needs this Christmas time.

If you need high quality music for your video, film, trailer, advertising etc, we provide a good variety of great music at a very reasonable pricing

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