Background music for videos

The function of Royalty free background music for video is one of misunderstood importance.

Commonly seen as unnecessary or frivolous, the reality of its functionality is very different. Background music for video is an unsung hero of video productions, advertisements and audio-visual projects, always heard but rarely actually listened to.

In truth, it is one part of modern media that is so ubiquitous it is taken for granted, and it should therefore be consider how most productions would be without it.
Each type of media and product would certainly be affected differently, but it would almost always be to the detriment of the final product.

Atmosphere would be drained from the feature, tense moments would feel weak, and explosive events would lose far too much impact.
It is only when we consider these features without such audio accompaniment that we realise how important background music for video really is.

The benefits of background music extend beyond guiding the viewers’ emotional state in a certain direction, however. Background music for video can be used to raise the production values in a number of ways and instil confidence in your viewers. It can be used to add an elegant touch to an otherwise uninspiring setting, to show a level of sincerity and professionalism that is difficult to demonstrate by visual means alone, or even to cover up unwanted background noises in the audio when filming.

The music track in this video is "War titans" from album "Trailer music".

Truly, despite having a certain reputation among some, background music forms a vital component of the experience and the impression the audience has of your product. Because it performs so many functions, background music must take many forms. As a passive listening experience it must not be too obtrusive yet still be assertive enough to deliver its message to impart the emotional impact you want the production to have.

The music track in this video is "Killing the time" from album "Enchanted land".

There are even scientific studies establishing the impact background music has on our mental state, which in turn can convert into greater interest and even more spending if it is paired with a product. These studies highlight the importance of ensuring the background music used is a suitable fit for the subject of the video, matching the music with the visual representation on-screen and making it relevant to its intended audience. In short, a well-made and carefully chosen piece of background music can make all the difference to your video production.

The music track in this video is "Happy race" from album "Beautiful sixties".

With all that in mind, background music for video still needs to be composed with the same level of skill, care, taste and attention as more conventional types. It takes a solid understanding of broad areas of music and the intricacies of various styles to compose what is ultimately used in such settings. Even a relatively simple piece will need you to combine proficiency in rhythm, harmony, dynamics and which sounds combine well together.

Royalty free background music
The use of background music for video is an understated challenge that can pay off hugely when done correctly.
It can give your video the quality, tastefulness, and impact it needs, and it must be obtained from a reliable and professional provider.

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