Free Trailer Sound effects

Trailer Sound Effects Pack #2 - 60 SFX to enhance your next video Trailer!
Download the Second Pack collection of 60 Trailer Cinematic Sound Effects, more impact to your next Trailer!

The collection of free sound effects we are making available offer hundreds of options for shaping your film trailer into the cinematic epic it is begging to be. These are not simply a collection of noises, but customised sound effects created and compiled specially for use in cinematic film trailers.

The collection includes numerous impact effects, whooshes, and risers to give your production the edge-of-seat aggression and high production values it needs.

Free Trailer Sound Effects Pack #2 content.

  • 10 Booms/Low Impacts
  • 10 BRAAMS / Epic horns
  • 10 Downers 7 Sub Falls
  • 10 HITS / Impacts/ Slam
  • 10 Risers
  • 10 WHOOSHES / Flyby

Download the SFX Trailer Pack #2

Quality of audio is paramount in such situations, and accordingly all of our huge trailer sound effects come in 16-Bit stereo sound in .wav format with extensive metadata to provide you with fidelity and ease of use.
Each sound and sample has been carefully crafted by professional sound engineers to give it every bit of nuance and power possible for that head-turning and attention-grabbing quality.

In today’s commercial and artistic landscape you can hardly afford to attempt promotion through a cinematic trailer without the right audio effects.
The right trailer sound effects can literally make or break the impact and success of your trailer and by extension your feature production.
We have the tools , crafted and mastered by the professionals, just ready for your use – Impacts, Hits, Whooshes, Drops etc, and all for free!
For any trailer producer, from the novice to the professional, these are invaluable tools of the trade that are vital for the creation of compelling and essential cinematic trailer material.

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