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The purpose of background music is the kind of topic few give the attention and thought it deserves.

This is almost understandable given the very name it goes by, which implies it is simplistic and undeserving of attention or analysis.
The reality is, however, that background music has a purpose like any other style, and its utility can be gauged by how well it achieves this.

Background music tracks are also subject to the same metrics of quality as conventionally consumed music. We should therefore look to their composition, flow, production and technicality in the same way we do music we consume for entertainment.

Doing so reveals a surprising degree of ability and skill on the part of the composers. Delicate rhythmic elements from the percussion make themselves known, and leftfield twists in songwriting keep the listener guessing. The smooth and clean production gives the background music tracks a very palatable aura which makes them suitable for even the most diverse audiences.

The music track in this video is Victory from album Achievement.

This is music united more in feel than style, and you may find background music tracks adopting anything from reggae to jazz to house to fit the vibe. This leads to an important part of what background music is about, that it is unified in an intrinsic yet intangible feeling. This is the feeling that allows it to be a technically complex and compositionally adventurous piece yet be perfectly suited to a background role, not needing to force itself into the forefront of listeners’ minds when it is played.

It is this confident discretion that allows a good background music track such a wide range of uses. It may be played in a reception area, in a casually executed presentation, in a shopping mall, or in an advertisement. Each of these contexts, and however more there may be, will utilise the easy going and likeable nature of great background music tracks to add colour, relaxation and life to their environment.

The music track in this video is Music gear from album Smooth house.

Such music is perfect for occasions where a mild audio accompaniment would add some gentle atmosphere, offer a sense of relaxation, and help those waiting pass the time. Yet just because such music is relegated to a supporting role does not mean it lacks value and quality. We have available a series of albums full of background music tracks that offer the kind of utility you need, while ensuring each piece is written and recorded to a high standard.

royalty free background musicSuch pieces may be largely intended for background use and not to take centre stage, but their quality and attention to detail is every bit as pronounced and evident as other albums by Music for video. So if you are in need of excellent background music tracks that reach higher and do more than you could ever expect, you are in the right place.

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