Royalty Free Musicfor video

Soundtracking your video productions can be a difficult process for many, especially those with less experience or for those tackling a new type of project. When the topic arises we are suddenly faced with a number of options and various questions will naturally arise.

We begin to think where the music is needed, how fast it should be, how loud in the mix, where it should stop, and most importantly what type of music is required exactly.
We understand the pressures facing video producers and have made it our mission to make life as easy as possible for you. We do this by providing high quality, original, royalty free production music across a broad range of styles and genres to meet your needs. Our catalogue of releases spans such diverse styles as jazz, house, rock, ambient, and classical music among others.
We like to think we have something for everybody, whatever your musical needs, and we aim to offer you such a wide selection of music that you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your video.
To assist with this and demonstrate the diversity, quality and suitability of our royalty free production music catalogue, we have compiled a playlist showing how our music has been used by some of our customers. The playlist shows material from our catalog being used across a broad range of industries that include luxury cars, top fashion brands, video games, museums, and sports.

We’re confident in our ability to provide what you need and we want you to be confident in your decision to choose "Music for video" for your royalty free production music needs. So please feel free to browse our video playlist and see how our music can be used to bring your video productions alive.

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