music for slapstick comedy

 Most people enjoy the antics of slapstick comedy. What they do not realize is just how much a part of the comedies were due to the music which was being played in the background.

There is no denying the effect the old time piano music has on the soul. People just respond to the music when it is being played.
The royalty free music you will find on Slapstick Comedy I combines styles from ragtime, swing, boogie and jazz.

While it is difficult to lump this kind of music into a category, you will not be able to mistake the effect it has on people.
The best part about it is the fact this is just the first in a two album series.

Just like the hilarious sounds of Slapstick Comedy I have been used in many various movies throughout time, they can be used in yours.
This is especially true when you are creating something like a documentary about the history of the genre.

 People will find themselves instantly laughing at the old movies even though they do not know anything about the characters or the plot. The ground will be open for you to talk about the history of the films and those who starred in them. When creating a modern movie, it is sometimes desirable to make people take things less seriously. Rather than tossing a gag in to the piece which will draw away from it, you might as well use the tracks from royalty free album Slapstick Comedy I. Feelings will be created in which people will feel happier even if they are not sure why. There is no denying the effect the music had on people. This is why it was used to accompany such hilarious bits as what was played in flip boxes for years.

 Because the musical tracks from Slapstick Comedy I bring up images of Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy, and the three stooges, it is no surprise people will use it when crafting pieces that have hilarious outtakes. This is true even when the outtake is not of a human. Using music to accompany a pet trick is a great way to add more humor to something already very cute and funny. People will be in the mode to laugh simply because of the music. It will not take too much to deliver the laughs you are looking for.
music slapstick Of course, if you are looking to draw people into a store which sells gear for comedians than Slapstick Comedy I is just what you are looking for. The products which you have available is shown in the best possible light when you accompany it with gag music appropriate to the scenario. Using this kind of humorous production music will cause people to believe if they own the products you are selling that they will instantly be funnier and more likable. This is exactly what every comedian is looking for whether they are new to the business or a seasoned veteran. You will get an added benefit if you are selling props for gag comedy.

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The track used in the following video is "Fat man", from our album Slapstick comedies I

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