Fashion royalty free music

Fashion has long been one of the loftier industries, an ever shifting market of unwritten rules, carefully considered extravagance, and countless faux pas to be made by the uninitiated.

To those on the inside it is a cornucopia of expressive freedom, to those on the outside an unfathomable scene with rules beyond their comprehension.

It is this state of mystique and changeable etiquette in the industry that means putting together a fashion event or a fashion video can be a challenging experience.

One question eventually faced by fashion video producers and event organisers is what music to use in accompaniment to these.

The music must, of course, match the feel of the event, have the right atmosphere and be palatable to the audience. It must be forward thinking, elegant, have a sense of confidence, maybe even detached indifference.

The music track in this video is "Hollow beat" from album Summer House .

For many these are not qualities they would normally associate with royalty free production music, perhaps even questioning its sophistication and carrying an apprehension to utilising it in such a context. The reality is, however, that far from lacking the necessary edge for use in fashion events, when production music is specially made with such a purpose in mind it can provide everything required for the industry.

The music track in this video is "Fear the robot" from album Robotic Atmospheres .

royalty free music for fashion eventsRather than sounding ‘canned’, royalty free music for fashion can be tailored for your specific needs, providing a sleek and customised fit. understand what makes the best music for fashion shows and have deftly combined atmosphere, sharp production and an indefinable aloofness to make a soundtrack that is at once relaxed yet vibrant.
Often carrying many of the same traits as modern house music, the tranquil tones on display feel almost meditative at times.
Melodies chime and swell around one another, hovering over rhythms that turn to steady four-to-the-floor beats as layers of sound gently emerge before floating away languorously.
This is music that is peaceful without sounding docile, futuristic yet relatable.
Despite this few would call it ‘safe’, with it carrying a subtle edge that knowingly nods to the sometimes challenging artistry of the fashion industry.

The music track in this video is "Sleeping trigger" from album Electronic club .

For all that can be taken from the music, these are compositions that understand their function. They have been produced to sit alongside video productions or fashion events, enhancing the whole and not seeking to draw attention from the visual experience. Indeed, this conscious understanding is what makes such productions the best music for fashion shows.
Quality royalty free music for fashion is uniquely designed and composed by professionals exactly for such use. Despite the creativity and expression of the fashion industry, the types of music considered acceptable for use alongside it can be surprisingly narrow. As experienced composers and vendors of production music, we know what makes the best music for fashion shows and we are here to ensure you get the best you can. So feel free to browse our catalogue, or Contact us to find out more.

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