Brand peronality with Royalty Free Music

Your business is your brand, it is a representation of your values and personality, and much like your own identity it is totally unique and like no other.

Your customers cannot be immediately expected to understand the value and uniqueness you have to offer, however, and among the sea of companies that all tread the safe path of corporate tropes it is easy for yours to get lost.

The question then becomes what options are available to you to imbue your company with the right personality to distinguish it from the crowd.
Promotional materials are largely musically accompanied by the usual suspects – inoffensive major key chord progressions, a ukulele, maybe the innocent whistling of some melody.

These are typical enough for them to effectively be stereotypes at this point, and the pedestrian chiming of a solo piano or strummed acoustic guitar can inspire more disinterest than faith in your product.

The music track in this video is "Looking back" from our Album Amarcord.

What if there were other options available? What if there were accompanying pieces that broke the mould and added life to your brand without compromising your professionalism? Thankfully understand the importance of this, offering a range of unusual royalty free music to suit your needs.
This is music that is as impressive as it is functional. At times as thick in atmosphere as creative composition, at others both optimistic yet measured.

The music in this video is "Desert wind" from our Album Dreaming guitars.

The unusual royalty free music collection published by is defined by its diversity and cannot be tied to one single theme. Indeed this variety is its greatest strength, and while the distinct themes of these tracks may make many of them unsuitable for you, it means that when you find the right track it will not just be appropriate for you - it will be perfect.

royalty free musicThe catalogue ranges from inventive variations on typical corporate promotional music to ominous orchestral pieces that incorporate industrial-esque percussion. Pieces move with more dynamics and emotional momentum, they hit harder and stay with you longer.

They are bold and unafraid to express themselves, and by extension so too will your product by utilising it.

Of course, by its very nature music like this is not for everyone. It is for those who wish to take that extra step, to separate themselves from the crowd and not simply accept the musical lowest common denominator for safety at the expense of personality.

The music track in  the following video is "Bad dream" from album Gothic novels.

Unusual royalty free music may not be suitable as the industry standard or for your closest competitors, but it may be just the thing you need to stand out from the crowd, to attract the audience you want and the business you deserve.

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