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Sometimes you need something a little different to stand out. There is a time and place for everything, and often certain things are used enough to become tropes simply because they work well.

However, this can lead many into complacency, falling back on the same ideas and formulas more out of habit than what is actually best for your work.

This is typically seen in the musical accompaniments to video productions.
Very rarely will the music stand out enough for you to pay attention to it, instead being so conventional that it barely gets noticed, sitting with the visuals inoffensively and largely ignored.
For many video producers this is fine, it represents a safe, if unoriginal, business decision.

Yet the utility of music can be more than just filling in the silence with perfunctory canned sound, and can instead be used to grab attention, show confidence and demonstrate a creative flair.

Utilised in this way, music goes from being a necessary background noise to a potent indication of the high quality of your services or product.

The track in this video is "Impressive pace" from Album Ostinato Strings .

Royalty free Corporate music
We pride ourselves on offering far more than the usual in corporate royalty free music.

We understand the importance of having options and the utility of picking not just the most typical music for your video production, but the one that suits it best. Your banking services do not always need to be soundtracked by the legato melody lines of a string section, nor does your new car model need to be advertised with minimalist electronics that burst into a dramatic crescendo as the camera pans in.

Instead try rethinking what your video is, conceptualise a different approach to your product that reflects your personality and individuality as a business. Corporate royalty free music does not have to be sterile or commonplace, especially when your outlook and the services and products you provide are anything but.
It may seem like a risk to adopt a more creative approach, but the payoff from having your soundtrack be attention grabbing and demonstrating your confidence cannot be ignored.

The track in this video is "Hunter at work" from Album Chase/Run .

Think outside the box, see what is available. hosts a truly broad and diverse selection of corporate royalty free music for you to sample and select from. Let your corporate video be accompanied by music that shows who you are, not what you are expected to be. With a selection of licensing options to suit your individual needs, you may find us breathing new life into your brand in ways you would never expect.

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