Music for battle royalty free

You’ve seen this type of scene in a movie thousands of times before.

There is an epic, climatic battle that takes place in the movie.
While there are actors flying around the screen, battling against one another, they are not the only part of the overall mood of the scene.
The epic score of music playing during the right scene adds to the overall chaos and beauty of the battle scene.

Our Epic/Heroic collection of  Production music will give you the sounds that you need to properly portray a serious, epic scene in your movie.
These tracks utilize an orchestra, and a choir, to create powerful and moving tracks that breathe emotion and life into your movie.

The music in this powerful collection relies on percussion and brass to give extra emphasis to the most important parts of your movie.

The track in this video is "Canyon" from our album: Epic/Heroic.

This collection of music, together with our Free sound effects will bring more emotion out of your movie scenes.
The epic battle scene in your movie will seem more intense when there are percussion crashes and brass blasts blaring in the background. This fast paced music draws the viewer into the actions of the scene.
They connect the excitement of the music to the excitement of the on-screen acting, and become fully immersed in the story line and action of the movie.

The music track in this video is "Out of the hell" from our album: Epic/Heroic.

There are multiple tracks for you to choose from with the Epic/Heroic collection that will bring this intense emotion to your movies. Tracks like “Brave Warrior” and “Out of the Hell” are perfect for intense battle scenes.
They highlight the actions of the actors and emphasize the chaotic and fast-paced nature of battle.

Tracks like “Canyon” and “Tiger” are truly versatile, giving you the intense music that you need for any epic or heroic point in a movie. These tracks are perfect for a movie trailer, as they provide the excitement needed to grab the attention of the general public.
These tracks will give life to your movie trailer, and allow you to utilize other tracks for your actual epic and heroic scenes.

The track in the following video is "Tiger" fron our album: Epic/Heroic.

You need to make sure that you have the right music for each and every scene in your movie. While all of these scenes are important, the epic scenes are easily the most powerful scenes in the movie. Utilize the tracks in the Epic/Heroic collection to find the tracks that you need to put together your own powerful cinematic score.

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