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With so many genres and styles it can be difficult to know where to begin with Production Music. How will I find the right song for my project? What will make my audience enjoy it best? The options can indeed seem endless.

We know how you feel and we’re here to help. Comprising a broad range of different moods and sounds, our Featured Tracks playlist will help you get started on your journey to finding the perfect track for that perfect moment.
So if you’re new to our catalogue of Royalty Free Music and want to see what’s available, simply hit play and dive in!

With a catalogue that spans such a broad range of styles and sounds, we know it can be tough to get started with any good music library. Such a large collection of production music can be a little confusing at first, and we’re aware that the vast collection we hold can be as intimidating to newcomers as it can be exciting to seasoned media producers. You can download and evaluate for Free testing.

We appreciate that individuals of all levels of experience and expertise make use of our Royalty Free Music, and we want to make sure you can find exactly what you need. Maybe you are new to production music, or maybe you have a new project but simply have no idea what sounds or styles would work best in your creation.

We may not be able to make that decision for you but we are happy to give you a range of options and guide you through the possibilities available with our music library. To help with this we have compiled a series of featured tracks to give you an overview of the wide range of sounds and styles available.

Our range of music runs from epic orchestral pieces to solo piano performances, gentle waltzes to grandiose compositions, and everything in-between. We know that one size certainly doesn’t fit all, and our music catalogue has been specially put together to offer you a wide range of options to ensure you can find the right track for your production.

This playlist of featured tracks reflects this, giving a comprehensive overview of what our music library can offer. Our focus is mainly on modern, elegant, bold and epic sounds, though our selection is so wide that you can find most other kinds of music represented too. The playlist reflects this, emphasising our areas of primary expertise while giving you a sample of the many other styles we also have albums for.

The playlist begins with the song Heavy Traffic off the album ‘Elegant Technology’. This is a fine demonstration of our fondness for pairing disparate elements to create something that sounds fresh and cutting edge. In this case it is the combination of melody lines on the piano and rich strings mixed with drum machine percussion and thick electronic bass tones. The result is a track that has a classical elegance yet also a modern edge thanks to the contrast in its component parts.


This formula of classical instrumentation mixed with a distinctly current identity continues on the second track, named Burning Process. This track features on the album ‘Epic Underscore III’, the third entry in our ‘Epic Underscore’ series of releases. These albums specialise in bombastic glory, all racing drum machines, furious strings and song speeds that rarely drop below heart-pounding levels. Burning Process exemplifies the power and force of the epic music in our Production Music library, and it is but one of dozens of such tracks we have available.

Epic music

While tracks such as Burning Process may be best used in climactic action sequences, the following song, Clash of Nations off the album ‘Trailer Music II’, shows us how varied epic music can really be. Starting with the gentle swell of strings emerging from near-silence, the momentum of the track builds as layers are subtly added and new melodies introduced. A break ushers in the next stage of the song as it re-emerges with percussion and growing power. It rises and peaks before resuming a triumphant repeat of the main melodic theme with choral accompaniment. Yet despite sharing the same ‘epic’ tag as Burning Process, Clash of Nations is a far more measured affair, better suited to trailers rather than the typical finale battle.

Trailer music

No sooner has Clash of Nations settled than Fashion Season from the album ‘Piano & Strings IV’ begins. Here we see the piano and strings wielded in a more delicate manner, as the epic theme is dropped for bittersweet sentimentality and hope. It sounds sophisticated, emotional yet positive. The result is a piece that is ideal for advertising professional services, inspiring trust and confidence in whatever it may be paired with.

Fashion music

Following this is Strategic Resources from the album ‘Elegant Technology IV’, the fourth album in the series that contains both the present and first song in the playlist. Playing directly after Fashion Season we see how versatile a simple piano and strings combination can be as these instruments take the song in a more serious and maudlin direction. Yet this tone is soon coloured by the addition of electronic percussion and digital effects, jolting this piece forward with a strength and energy that would not be possible by its acoustic instrumentation alone.

Corporate music

Up next is Lake View, a song from the ‘Piano & Strings’ album. It begins with arpeggiated piano lines before the strings enter, at first playing to emphasise the piano line and then swelling to match it before finally eclipsing the piano in volume and emotiveness. Using electronic accentuations far more subtly than Strategic Resources, the song offers a distinct feeling of sincerity and trust. This is not music simply for fun, this is music to get results and anything it accompanies should be equally as committed to success.

Elegant music

Returning to ‘Piano & Strings IV’, the song Opening Party continues in a similar vein, though using the strings to firmly support the lead role of the piano rather than take the limelight. By the time Opening Party has finished its runtime, the richness and breadth of our Royalty Free Music selection in this style has hopefully been demonstrated. Yet as the playlist continues we see very different styles of music emerging.

Elegant royalty free 

Further on we come across Deep Forest off the album ‘Open Spaces 2 ’. This is a far more synthetic affair, being composed largely of digital sounds that offer a very different feel to the classical and epic themes explored earlier. While this may suit the corporate world as well as any piano and strings focused track, Deep Forest comes with a degree more flexibility that could see it used for less formal or conservative professions such as digital services and other emerging products.

Music for nature videos

Likewise, Step Five off ‘Piano & Dubstep’ shows how far our library goes in challenging the norm. Featuring classy piano lines set to low-end heavy electronic bass and beats, this mid-paced track moves with both elegance and power. Certainly it won’t be suitable for your average media project, but for those that require professionalism with a heavy dose of adrenalin there can be little else to beat this.

Piano and Dubstep

These songs represent only a small proportion of the music on this playlist, which in turn represents only a fraction of the vast choice of songs available in our Production Music library. It is certainly varied, but media producers may benefit from exploring such a varied playlist by potentially finding their perfect track in a style they may never have considered or expected to work.

Perhaps you were attempting to find the right track for your corporate presentation video, expecting to simply use the first low key synth-and-strings song you came across. Perhaps in the process of searching for this track you came across an upbeat yet elegant jazzy piece, all adventurous piano lines and bold walking bass-lines. You would never have thought of it and if someone brought the idea forward you may have discarded it, but upon hearing the song itself you simply couldn’t resist it. Now your corporate presentation features a track that is adventurous, appropriate, and sets you apart from the crowd. Congratulations – you’ll now stay in the audience’s memory for all the right reasons!

Of course such leftfield music options are not restricted to the corporate world. Those looking for tracks for their film trailer, fight scene, mobile app or end credits can likewise find the perfect choice where they least expect it. The only way to find out is to keep an open mind and an inquisitive ear as you work through our Stock Music choices, so keep an open mind and let the playlist roll!

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