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Few instruments complement each other as the Piano and a String section do. The meandering and dreamlike melodies of the piano tumble over rich swells of violins, violas and cellos, painting pictures through sound alone.

Perfectly sitting beside each other, each easily matches the other’s dynamic changes, whispering together or rising effortlessly in union.

The very sound speaks of elegance and tranquillity, both calming and uplifting. It is little wonder this pairing has provided such fertile ground for accompanying royalty free music to a broad range of video productions.

This is music that is emotional yet controlled, intellectual yet accessible.
It is highbrow enough to confer immediate respect yet not excessively lofty to deter the average listener.

It is this mix of accessibility and dignity that makes it so suitable for accompanying a variety of video projects from the professional to the dramatic.

The music track in this video is "New Diva" from our album "Piano and Strings III"

 It can suit a promotional video for a countryside holiday in an old manor home as well as a high-end car brand advert or for the services of a bank or accountants’ firm. Equally it could find its place in a documentary or fashion event coverage, reflecting its elegant and inspiring nature.

The music track in this video is "Full Moon" from our album "Piano and Strings III"

Indeed, music is always imbued with a distinct personality, and when creating we must consider what this personality is and how it fits with the content of your video production.royalty Free piano music Piano & Strings III wears its maturity proudly, it is music that understands its own character and ambitions and is unconcerned with fruitless distractions.

It is graceful and introspective without ever being dull, and it demands to be paired with content that matches its measured sense of grace.

The refined nature of this music and the instruments that create it does not, however, stifle the passion inherent in this album. Understated and firm, songs progress with a tangible confidence, growing in volume and attacking with controlled energy that is more ethereal than bombastic. It then finds itself retreating, deliberately and calmly, the peace a counterpoint to its passion.

If you feel such music would suit your video project then it is likely it indeed would.
This is royalty free music that fits perfectly with fine and elegant visual content. Whether your work has been created to promote, inform, sell or build trust, Piano & Strings III provides the soundtrack to inspire confidence in it and give it the refined identity it deserves

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