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As the world turns and life continues it is only natural that progress be made. Out goes the old and in comes the new – shinier, faster, smoother, easier.

But for all the improvements and technological wonders brought forth, there will always remain the influence of the relics from the past.
This may be a vintage car, our grandfather’s hat, or even the colour of a distant relative’s curtains.

Each of these brings with it memories, subconscious associations, a vision of the past that always seems rather idyllic.
Yet this is only natural, an odd part of the human condition that paints the past as a sepia-tinged age of wonder.

This has formed the basis of countless products, films, musical movements, and even whole industries, all seeking to capitalise on our relentless adoration of times gone by.

Of course there is nothing wrong with this. Our natural inclination to feel a connection with the past can be used to bring joy and meaning. This can be harboured by those seeking to create, to add a certain quality and air to their project. With such a broad range of themes and objects to choose from, however, the choices to achieve your ends are limitless.

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One such relic of the past is the typewriter. This humble object has been given many roles over the decades, from secretarial assistant to the indispensible tool of the author. Its iconic staccato strikes, running in uneven jittering passages, are immediately recognisable around the world. This is an object that has been made thoroughly obsolete by the never-ending march of technological progress, yet was still in use recently enough to have a very personal connection for many.
Indeed, for certain generations it will not seem so long ago that whole days were spent in front of their typewriter. Whether it be working, creating, or expressing, the countless hours of hearing that indefatigable click-clack will likely have formed the soundtrack to the best years of their lives. For those responsible for creating content, the associations with this sound effect can be used effectively and powerfully, a means of conjuring an era past for whatever ends you require.
Just a few short seconds of hearing the typewriter’s characteristic high-pitched punch and you can be taken into a post-war office, the workplace of a busy 70’s law firm, or the dimly lit cramped residence of a struggling writer in the early 20th century.

Free SOund effects Typewriter have recognised the utility in the sound of this iconic contraption, and have put together a free typewriter sound effects pack.
This pack will contain 80 unique typewriter sound effect samples, allowing you free access to a wealth of options to help bring a touch of the past to your production.
Varying in length and content, you’re sure to find just the right typewriter sound effect you need for your presentation, advertisement, app or video project.

These free typewriter sound effects come in high-quality audio files of such a standard that they are suitable for even the most professional of uses.
So if you want to capture a touch of nostalgia with ease then our typewriter sample pack will do just the trick.

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