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Horror will always be a difficult project to tackle.
Its very value is based on its power to evoke feelings of fear, terror, tension and revulsion.

Such emotions can be difficult to capture, especially in a more mature audience, and it takes serious effort and a fine attention to detail to achieve this.

We at understand how important it is, and to help you we have created this sample pack.
Perhaps more so than any other genre, horror relies upon quality audio to have power. It is needed to ratchet up suspense, to drag hidden eyes reluctantly back to the screen.

Yes, music is important as is good voice acting, but the ‘horror’ sound effects used to achieve this tension are arguably the most vital. It is this aspect that will either make or break the success of a horror feature.

Free sound effects for filmmakers

We have thousands of sound effects that can greatly help your video production.

Low impacts

At Music-For-Video we have compiled an extensive range of Free Sound Effects for video to enhance the use of our Royalty Free music catalog in your video productions.

Loaded with atmosphere, passion and tension these sound effects for filmmakers can transform your film or video production and breathe new life into it. Creating a top notch video production demands top notch sound and music.

Good sound effects in horror are one of the least appreciated, yet most important, parts of the whole package. High quality sound effects will set the scene and enhance the visual experience, they will set the tone of the scene without giving anything away. Indeed, some may argue they should be felt more than heard, a presence that registers with the emotional centres of our brain rather than simply interpreted by the ears.

Scary Sound Effects Pack 01 content. ( 122mb uncompressed wav files)

  • 15 Growls and beast sounds
  • 14 Bowed metals
  • 8 Chainsaw sounds
  • 11 Slamming doors
  • 10 Footstep
  • 10 Various Spooky sounds
Download the SFX Scary Pack 01

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These must, of course, be used tastefully. Less is more - a deathlike silence punctuated by an ominous crackle or whisper will have far more gravity than an orchestra of clangs and grinds for the most part. Atmosphere can be laid on in thick layers through the right horror sound effects, saturating your production with the kind of dread you remember for years after. They can also be used strategically, as with that one recurring noise that is introduced to announce the presence of terror, the sound that lets the viewer know that nobody is safe anymore. Such aural motifs can be used as a central theme, binding your feature in an ever ebbing and flowing tide of whirring horror.
Sound is truly critical to a horror feature. If there is any doubt about its importance then try watching your favourite horror film with no sound and notice the difference.
scary horros free sound effects
Truly, sound design and atmospherics go a long way to creating the fear, suspense, mystery and revulsion you want your audience to feel.

With less being more in creating the desired emotions, a good director needs to be wise in which sounds are used for their feature.
They need a wide variety of options to choose from to select the ideal sound for the ideal moment, and it is for this reason that we offer our sample pack of 70+ noises and sound effects for your needs.
Each of these samples comes in .wav format in 16bit stereo, ensuring your video feature sounds every bit the part.
Horror sound effects may be quite the challenge, but with our sample pack we can make it just a bit easier for you.

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