Royalty Free Music for Adventure fight

The clash between the strong and powerful is a ritual we see in humans and animals alike.
It is an eternal and primal act that people are enthralled by time and time again, seen from the Coliseum of ancient Rome to the boxing matches of today.

It is tense, dangerous, often a matter of life or death, and still holds a huge place in modern entertainment to this day.
We see it in UFC championships, in martial arts competitions, in action films and the aforementioned boxing that still draws record numbers of pay-per-view spectators.

The music track in this video: "Epic Hero" from our Album: Epic Adventures

These are displays of power, danger, with an inherent tension tension running throughout that is the cornerstone of its entertainment value. Such spectacles deserve a soundtrack that both suits and amplifies these aspects, ramping up the intensity to give the viewers what they want.
This is true whether it be a genuinely competitive event or scripted dramatic entertainment such as a film scene or professional wrestling. These are against-the-odds displays of dominance and skill, and any accompanying soundtrack needs to reflect this alongside the danger inherent to it.
This was at the front of our minds when we set out creating Epic Adventures, a 16 track album of Royalty Free Epic music that encapsulates both the danger and glory of facing and overcoming adversity. This is not the music of simple ‘one man army’ 80’s Hollywood movies, this is music that knows what danger is, that understands that only skill, fearlessness and instincts will pull you through.

The music track in this video: "Immortal spirit" from our Royalty Free Music Album: Epic Adventures

With tempos that range from cantering to deliberately turgid, Epic Adventures does not fear dynamic shifts. It primarily utilises orchestral instrumentation to deliver its message, with strings and brass providing most of the weight and melodic movement, yet being accompanied by some unconventional and inventive choices.

Epic royalty free musicOff-kilter wailing guitar leads emerge from palm muted rhythmic lines, and delicately propulsive hand percussion sits on the verge of perception, felt more than heard.
Bass drums are assaulted in furious yet measured phrases, and even elements of breakbeat rhythms can be heard alongside occasional warped drum triggers. Choral vocals again sit alongside the strings to give the music the lofty feel of triumph and struggle.
The album does a great job of holding certain tones and motifs as centrally consistent to its sound, yet with enough variation and additional tones to give each track its own identity.
Too much music of this nature washes from one track to the next indistinguishably, but the new ideas and personality of each song here distinguishes them. This makes the album ideal for use in a longer project such as a feature film, a series, or an advertising campaign that benefits from tracks that manage to be both distinct yet unified.

Epic Adventures is not royalty free music that revels in mindless chaos, it is controlled and tense, a cerebral yet entertaining accompaniment to the disciplined blood sports of the modern era. It has power, control, and it demands to be paired with content that compliments this. So if you need something to imbue your action based productions with the aural strength it needs, Epic Adventures will give you just what you are looking for.

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