royalty free emotional music

The connection between music and our emotions is a strange one indeed.

Yet for all the lack of science on why a certain scale or sound evokes in us a corresponding feeling, the ties between our emotions and the music that creates them are indisputable.
This understanding is key to forging the bond between music and images in video productions or any other project.
A good producer will recognise the power of this music, they will understand how to use it and know how it will elevate their creations.

Emotional Piano II by MFVGroup is one such album, a collection of songs designed to enhance the emotional impact of your work.
This are carefully composed pieces, delicate yet powerful, moving without becoming melodramatic.

There is a gentility and kindness at work here, instilling in this emotional background music a purity that is rarely heard.

The music track on this video is Streetlight From Album Emotional piano II.

royalty free emotional background musicThe album cover for Emotional Piano II looks just how the music sounds, a peacefully angelic white with gentle cream tones .
And while the lone piano on the artwork may give a clue as to who the main character of this album is, there is also ample accompaniment from a range of other instruments.
These are principally those in the string section that here dance around the piano, rising and falling in sections that bolster the song, or even providing a primarily rhythmic driving function.
This is endlessly calming material, like a soothing presence on the ears, yet it never slips into plain ambiance or forgettable territory.

Dynamic shifts in volume and thickness of sound keep listeners aware of its presence, while tasteful percussion is used where needed to propel and elevate the song.

The music track on this video is Touch of Summer From Album Emotional piano II.

Despite this it also works well as emotional background music, making its presence known yet never intruding when it is not needed. This has the benefit of making the album very versatile in how it may be used, giving it a broad range of applications for a variety of productions.
Emotional Piano II truly is a timeless album. It crosses both social and geographic boundaries and listeners will be hard pressed to label it unsuitable for a certain audience. This is music that tackles emotions that are all too human, making it suitable regardless of the setting of your production.

The music track on this video is Minimal touch From Album Emotional piano II.

Whether it be for a feature film or a striking advertisement, Emotional Piano II offers the finest in emotional background music for producers. Few albums can reach the heights offered by Emotional Piano II, and with its use you may find it gives you that elusive magic that brings your production to life.

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