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The global marketplace is a competitive and fast-paced environment. Technology and new ideas mix with changing markets and trends to create an ever-shifting landscape. In such a place you need to stand out and inspire trust. Your services and products exist to help your market, and it is your responsibility to make sure your customer base or clients understand this.
You need to project the unique qualities of your brand out to the world, inspire faith in what you are selling. You need promotional materials that are professional yet modern, with an accompanying soundtrack that reflects this.
You need Corporate royalty free music.

Presenting your best side to the world is everything in business. Marketing revolves around showing your potential customers, clients and leads that you are the right people for the job. Your market needs to feel trust in you to part with their hard-earned cash, they need to know you can be relied on, that you are committed to always getting the job done.

New clients or fresh customer bases will likely understand very little about you, however. All they know is what you claim to offer. Maybe these customers have come to you through word of mouth, maybe you’re lucky enough to have a raft of client testimonials on hand, but for most business owners you will initially need to establish credibility through your presentation.

Credibility inspires trust, and trust means your market is far more likely to do business with you, purchase your products, and transfer money from their pockets straight to yours.
So how does a business inspire trust in its target market? The answer is simple – image. Every bit of contact your business has with the outside world contributes to the public perception of it.

Whether it is your logo, slogan or colour scheme, it communicates a message and affects your reputation. Do this smartly and your target audience will trust you before you’ve even had any contact. Do it somewhat badly, however, and you will miss countless business opportunities with a poor bottom line being the only indication of something not going right.

If getting your image right is crucial then all elements of it must be considered. This includes not just visual elements, but also auditory elements too. By this we mean what jingle you may choose, the accent your advertisement narrator will speak in, and importantly what music you choose to accompany media relating to your business.

Music is a big communicator. It carries many subtle messages about your business just as body language does about an individual. This can be used to your advantage or it can work against you, all depending on how you use it. It is essentially a form of advertising, promoting your business and seeking to tie your brand to certain thoughts and feelings. Which thoughts and feelings these are depends entirely on what music you choose to utilize.

The most important point is that this music must have congruity with your brand. It should reflect the character of your business and the values it strives to operate by. In short, the personality of your music of choice needs to match the personality of your business and products.

This means it may be fine for a toy company to use a xylophone melody to sell to the public, or for a street clothing brand to bring out heavy hip-hop beats in its advertising, but that may not necessarily be appropriate for your venture.

Providers of more professional services in particular need to be very careful about what music they choose to pair their promotional materials with and what this says about their attitudes. The individuals and organisations that make use of these services are serious by nature, and a number of attributes need to be communicated through your choice of music.

It should be clear that the service provider always maintains a high level of professionalism, can be relied upon in times of need, and takes their work very seriously. They must be knowledgeable in their field of expertise, smart in the application of their knowledge, and have the experience to get you results time after time. This consistency should ideally be paired with an innovative flair, not being afraid of the new and taking advantage of developments that can see you get ahead of the competition.

We are drawn to those who hold the same values as ourselves and the world of business is no different. This means that if your clientele value formality, professionalism and a commitment to getting results then you likewise need to communicate these as values you hold through your choice of music.

Yet this does not mean your corporate royalty free music choices must be unexciting and listless – your clients may have a rather drab wardrobe but that doesn’t mean your promotional materials have to be! Indeed, even high-level professional bodies have little desire to work with a service provider that comes across as inflexible and stuffy in their pursuit of formality.

This means that the music associated with your corporate services must strike a fine balance between being serious and determined whilst demonstrating a sufficiently forward thinking attitude and approachable demeanour. This is not always an easy feat and producers of corporate service promotional materials may find it difficult to source the right music.

Luckily Music-For-Video understand this and stock a broad range of music that is designed specifically for this purpose. Featuring album series with names as telling as ‘Corporate Music’ and ‘Elegant Technology’, the catalogue on offer is sure to provide producers with all the music they need to present their corporate services in the best light possible.

These albums strive to communicate the variety of qualities mentioned above, offering a one-stop solution for all your corporate production music needs. Still, with so many albums it can be hard to know where to start. Even in an area as specialized as corporate stock music there are a multitude of options available for producers, and it pays to understand what choices are on offer.
We know it can be difficult for newcomers to our catalogue to appreciate the full range of what is available. In response to this we have compiled a playlist of some of the corporate royalty free music available through

This playlist is designed to introduce a listener to the character of corporate production music, giving them an overview of the common sounds and themes of the genre. It aims to expand upon the points discussed, illustrating them to an unfamiliar listener and bringing the character of the music to life.

There is a very polished feel to most of the music, a sort of auditory cleanliness that communicates a sense of orderliness and discipline. This is largely achieved through the use of synthesisers providing smooth washes of melody combined with a rhythmic base created by drum machines. For many tracks, however, these components are accompanied by the chiming elegance of the piano and the regal dynamism of string sections. These add a classy and traditional element to the music, keeping it relevant and thoroughly appealing to a greater share of its likely audience.

There are some tracks that offer a more organic feel, however, being composed mostly of acoustic instrumentation. These songs give something a little different to the more electronic-focused fare, providing a less formal option that could work very well for promoting your services to a wider audience. This does not have to come at the expense of professionalism either, and many producers looking for corporate stock music have found such options to be ideal at certain times.

Most tracks will be a mix of these two approaches to a lesser or greater extent, however, and which type is most suitable will depend entirely on your brand, your project and your intended audience. This playlist aims to include a broad spectrum of the kinds of corporate royalty free music available through our catalogue, however, with the intention being to offer something to everybody looking to soundtrack their corporate materials.

For all the variety on offer, each track imparts a sense of optimism and commitment to pushing forward. It lets the listener know that whatever brand is associated with this music can be trusted, that they have your best interests in mind and will work tirelessly and skilfully to secure them.

The diversity of sounds means there is always something for everybody to present their brand in the best light possible. Projecting the right image and advertising your brand in the way it needs to be has value beyond measure, and this playlist has been designed to get you one step closer to achieving that. So whatever your corporate services are, whatever your chosen level of formality is, or however you choose to interact with your customers, allow us to help you use the best music possible.

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