bowed metals pack 01 free sounds

In video production it is critical to get the sound right if you are to make a professionally impressive product.

Most people will naturally assume this means having clear speech whilst keeping the background noises fairly unobtrusive, and to pair the feature with music that is both suitable and of high quality. What many overlook is how important the use of sound effects is in creating an impressive and cohesive piece.

The decisions concerning which sound effects are to be used and where are of critical importance, and it can be what separates a professionally impressive product from an amateurish and forgettable one.

The importance of this has not escaped, and to assist producers with this difficult task we have compiled a sample pack of bowed metal cinematic sounds that are available free to download in high quality formats.

While many initially assume the use of bowed metal samples is only for horror features, the fact is they are actually a highly versatile and expressive variety of audio effect that can suit a broad range of genres and moods.

Certainly, with its pained groans that speak of decay and agony, the typical sounds associated with bowed metals really can bring a scare scene to life. To tie them to horror alone, however, deprives other features of the atmospheric and evocative properties they can provide.

Bowed Metals Pack 01. ( 34mb uncompressed wav files)

45 Bowed Metal sounds edited and ready to use in your Trailer or video production - plain and mangled versions. Duration of sounds between 1 sec up to 16sec..

Download Free Bowed Metals Pack 01

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The typical emotional associations with bowed metals run from fear and suspense to violence and excitement. These properties mean such sound effects may be equally at home in an action feature as they are in horror. The fundamental sensations these create, those of danger and imminent threats, are just as much a part of the action genre and can be used equally well in such a context, enhancing and framing high-octane scenes with their touch.

Bowed metals are not simply the preserve of violent or gruesome productions, however, with the extent to which these sounds may be manipulated allowing a broad range of applications. Their natural suspense-inducing qualities mean they can potentially be used in thrillers or the odd tense moment in a film of any genre.

The bowed metal sounds that fall on the lighter end of the spectrum are often mistaken by listeners to come from another source, such is their delicacy and atmosphere. Indeed, bowed metal samples can be far more than just ugly and harsh. When turned to their gentle side, bowed metals can be used to create a sense of otherworldliness and magical mystique. With our bowed metals cinematic free sound effects you can instil your scene or production with a touch of the unknown, an ambivalent sign that may be ominous or fortuitous.

The proper use of bowed metal sounds can set a broad range of moods and atmospheric richness to your trailer or video production. They are versatile and powerful in an elegantly subtle way, and can be used for most features whether they be in a historical setting, the present day, or a futuristic cityscape. For a skilled producer these can be a powerful tool to have, and with our high quality bowed metals cinematic free sound effects you have a selection that is ready and waiting to be put to use.

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