background music for video

Music, perhaps more than any other art form, has the ability to swiftly evoke emotions. Finding the right background music for your video can therefore be a challenge.

Video production requires you to have access to a broad range of tracks with differing styles and dynamic shifts to fit the feel of the scene, all created with a high level of sound quality and compositional skill, and ideally a royalty-free license to allow its use legally.

This is an important aspect of the production process whether you are an amateur creating videos for recreational purposes or a professional working on high-cost projects.

The track used in this Fashion event video is "Sleeping trigger" from our Album: Electronic Club

It takes skill to select the right piece of background music to accompany a scene, and one of the marks of an adept video producer is to know what music should be used at any given time. The type of music needed naturally depends on the nature of the video and for what purpose the production is being made, yet there are certain commonalities in the ways music is used even between disparate video functions. This becomes especially true for video in which music plays a critical role in the impact of the scene, whether that be dramatically, artistically, or emotionally.

The track used in this video is "Sprint faster" from our Album: Chase/run

Regardless of the scenario or nature of the video, a producer should always keep in mind the importance of not only finding the right background music, but knowing how to insert the track into the video. This critical step typically involves editing the track and selecting at which point the music should be brought in and taken out for maximum impact, and to fit the length of the scene.
Whilst being simple in principal, to successfully do this requires skill and experience, and different approaches must be taken depending on what you are working on, as a feature film will require a very different approach to an advertisement or documentary. This is taken even further when producing music videos as the soundtrack and visuals are so inextricably tied to each other, with swift and regular cuts often being made perfectly in time to the song.

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Regardless of what content is being created, the importance of background music for videos cannot be understated. The best results should always be sought for making your product both professional and to have a lasting impact. Consequently, incorporating music into a video should ideally be done by a competently skilled individual such as a sound engineer to make sure your production is the best it can be.

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