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Riser Pack 01 - 30 Epic Riser sound effects! .
This Pack contains 30 Riser Sounds to inject more energy in your Productions.

Riser Pack 01. ( 112mb uncompressed wav files)

Riser is an iconic sound used in countless of trailers and music tracks. The duration of a riser can vary, but generally it's between 10 and 20 seconds. You can stretch the risers in this pack to fit your scene.
If you need complementary epic sounds check our Trailer Drops Pack , that are the opposite: called drops, or downer, are sounds that drop in pitch creating a sense of tension

Download Riser Pack 01

Tropical vibes house

Check out our Latest Album release: Tropical vibes

Tropical House dominates the summer charts and parties. Featuring sounds such as pan flutes, sea waves and ambience, electronic marimba, synth chords and percussion, it has a distinctive sound that makes it perfects music for vacation videos, Youtube videos, travel documentaries and summer events.

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