Music Catalogue: Relax

202 - Autumn nature Autumn nature
Ethereal and gentle, featuring warm introspective piano and light underlying synth textures that create a sentimental and heartfelt mood that depicts scenes of resolution and peacefulness.
203 - Winter relax Winter relax
Bright and smooth, featuring acoustic guitar and piano that offer sparkly and crisp textures depicting scenes of winter frost and creating a tender and gentle feel.
200 - Spring miracle Spring miracle
Dreamy and hypnotic, featuring floating textures and introspective piano melodies that create a magical and relaxed mood depicting scenes of nature's wonders.
201 - Summer show Summer show
Light and calming, featuring introspective piano melodies and underlying smooth synth textures that create a relaxing and reflective mood that depicts scenes of beauty.


NOTICE: NOTICE: the preview files have a watermark voiceover. the licensed files will be high quality and clean.

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