Music Catalogue: Narration underscore

Music tracks remixed to fit under the narrator voice.
140 - Pop grooves Pop grooves
Bright and smooth, with a laidback pop groove containing light Latin influences and synth textures that create an ambient feel, depicting a scene of luxury and relaxation.
142 - Desert whisper Desert whisper
Earthy and building, featuring sparkly textures, smooth drones and sparse ethnic percussion that create a haunting and ominous mood, depicting ghost town scenes.
143 - Ethnic underscore I Ethnic underscore I
Hypnotic and textural, featuring smooth drone swells, rhythmically sparse ethnic percussion and dreamy synth pads create a mystical mood.
144 - Fast industrial underscore Fast industrial underscore
Pumping and highly energetic, featuring pulsing electronic textures and " four on the floor" drum loop grooves that create a driving and determined mood, depiciting futuristic scenes of innovation and technology.
145 - Industrial Underscore Industrial Underscore
Ambient and warm, featuring light drum loop grooves, rhythmic percussion and smooth keyboard textures create a laidback and mellow mood.
146 - Slow industrial Underscore Slow industrial Underscore
Mostly downtempo and laidback with Chillout influences, featuring full synthetic sonorities, warm textures and light percussion rhythms that create an ambient mood.
141 - Electronic beds Electronic beds
Pulsing and atmospheric, featuring light drones and synth pads with a fully synthetic sonority that creates an introspective mood, depicting futuristic scenes.


NOTICE: NOTICE: the preview files have a watermark voiceover. the licensed files will be high quality and clean.

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