Music Catalogue: Chillout

112 - Acid jazz pulse Acid jazz pulse
Laidback and mellow, featuring and underlying funk grooves, warm piano textures and Jazz melodies that create a vintage feel.
012 - Easy lounge Easy lounge
Laidback and mellow with light Jazz elements, that keeps a sultry and seductive mood alive featuring a mixture of acoustic and electric sonorities that offer a smooth and lush texture.
180 - Chilled beats Chilled beats
Dreamy and spacious, featuring building ambient grooves, introspective melodies, light guitar textures and atmospheric synth pads that create a relaxed and hypnotic mood.
181 - Mid-tempo chill beats Mid-tempo chill beats
Laidback and spacious, featuring building textures, light ambient grooves, introspective melodies with intertwined acoustic and synthetic sonorities create a relaxed and hypnotic mood.
186 - Chaise lounge Chaise lounge
Laidback with soulful Funk influenced grooves, featuring warm underlying textures, introspective melodies and a light mixture of Jazz and Blues create a happy and relaxed mood.
187 - Smooth house Smooth house
Ethereal and spacious introductions lead to ambient and hypnotic grooves, featuring dreamy and atmospheric textures with light ethnic influences that create an introspective mood.
182 - Downtempo chill Downtempo chill
Spacious and smooth, featuring light ethnic percussion, floating textures, ethereal female vocals and slow building ambient grooves create a hypnotic and mystic feel.
183 - Chilled world beats Chilled world beats
Ethereal and dreamy, featuring underlying drones,this collection of royalty free worldbeat music mixes Middle Eastern percussion elements and global influences to create a breezy and ambient mood.
023 - Chill area Chill area
Ambient and spacious featuring introspective acoustic piano melodies intertwined with atmospheric textures and pulsing electronic elements that offer dreamy and peaceful moods.
024 - Jazzy chill Jazzy chill
Smooth and relaxing, featuring a mix of Jazz elements intertwined with a down tempo Trip Hop groove and atmospheric textures that create a state of relaxation.
025 - Chill dream Chill dream
Soothing and relaxing with Downtempo, Trip Hop grooves, featuring floating synth textures, atmospheric elements and warm piano melodies that create a hypnotic mood, depicting panoramic scenes.


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