Music Catalogue: Pop

027 - Slow funk Slow funk
Spacious with warm and mellow grooves, light Funk elements, synthetic sonorities and electronic textures that create an ambient and hypnotic feel.
030 - Medium funk Medium funk
Upbeat and bright, emphasizing funk grooves with 70's vintage textures and driving bass and drums creates a party atmosphere depicting Blaxploitation scenes.
035 - Soft beats Soft beats
Light and warm, with light string and synth textures, Jazzy guitar influences, and ambient grooves create a relaxing and introspective mood, depicting scenes of luxury and travel.
036 - Feeling positive Feeling positive
Bright and warm containing a mixture of acoustic and synthetic sonorities with sparkly textures, introspective melodies and smooth synth pads create a carefree and optimistic mood depiciting scenes of resolution.
052 - Light pop Light pop
Bright, warm and reflective, featuring lush piano, Pop drums and string sonorities that offer a smooth textural finish and create proud, "feel-good" moods of resolution.
061 - Light pop II Light pop II
Bright, earthy and warm, featuring acoustic guitar, sentimental piano melodies and soothing textures that create nostalgic and reflective moods.
062 - Light pop III Light pop III
Bouncy, Breezy, and bright, featuring jovial piano melodies, carefree whistling, acoustic guitar and ukulele that offer an earthy and carefree feel.


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