Ethnic worldbeat royalty free music

Bright with bouncy Cumbia influenced rhythms, featuring pan flute, accordion, and light montuno guitar that offer an earthy texture and create a mood of celebration and warmth.
Far East
Mostly spacious with Asian influences while containing some orchestral elements creating a dramatic and mysterious mood. Great for documentaries, this album of royalty free production music is a good collection of worldbeat music.
Chilled world beats
Ethereal and dreamy, featuring underlying drones,this collection of royalty free worldbeat music mixes Middle Eastern percussion elements and global influences to create a breezy and ambient mood.
Highly rhythmic and driving, featuring tribal percussion fused with electric sonorities, light Rock and Electronic influences that create a bold and determined mood that depict Rainforest and global scenes of ecology.
Latin guitars
Bright and rhythmic, featuring Latin percussion and Flamenco guitar with earthy textures that create a sultry yet introspective mood.
North Africa and middle East
Somewhat sparse and rhythmic with building textures that creates a mysterious and suspenseful mood featuring Middle Eastern instrumentation intertwined with light synthetic sonorities.
Desert whisper
Earthy and building, featuring sparkly textures, smooth drones and sparse ethnic percussion that create a haunting and ominous mood, depicting ghost town scenes.
Ethnic underscore I
Hypnotic and textural, featuring smooth drone swells, rhythmically sparse ethnic percussion and dreamy synth pads create a mystical mood.
Ethnic chillout
Spacious and hypnotic featuring underlying drones, ethnic instrumentation, Middle Eastern vocal influences intertwined with Electronica elements that create a mysterious and suspenseful mood.
Smooth house
Ethereal and spacious introductions lead to ambient and hypnotic grooves, featuring dreamy and atmospheric textures with light ethnic influences that create an introspective mood.


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