Data usage

We generally don't trace, collect nor share information about visitors of our site. We only collect data about visits: most visited pages, number of articles read, number of daily visitors, country of origin, songs downloaded, etc. Those stats do not contain personal information and are used to improve our service offering.

To access some areas of the site (newsletter) and to be able to use some services (e.g. download demo  tracks) we requires the collection of personal information. In any moment the holder of the personal data has the faculty to review, modify and/or delete his own data, either by means of dedicated functions or by contacting Orla s.n.c. by email or using the contact form.

About registration

Information provided to register must be true and correct. Profiles deemed fraudolent or otherwise incorrect will be deleted. We reserve the right to delete any registered user without prior notice.

We don't Give/Share/Sell your data

Your personal data will not be given to any third party nor shared or sold

Data protection

All information about users are stored into a database whose access is password-protected installed on a server whose is protected both physically and logically.

We respect your mail box

At Orla s.n.c. we despise spammers as much as you do. We will send you an email message only when required (order confirmation, address validation) or when explicitly asked (newsletter).

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