High Quality Production music

... because you need quality music !

We are a publishing music company based in northern Italy and our main focus is producing our "Production music" catalogue "Music for video" . With more than 120 albums spanning diverse music genres, high quality recordings and detailed online search engine  we are improving an eclectic music catalogue for everyday music demands.

If you are looking for music tracks to enrich your productions, to elevate your project to the next level, be it corporate video, game, TV movie or a meditation audiobook  please check out our catalogue.
Each track is composed, recorded and mastered by a small team in love with quality.
You can listen our music on Spotify as well:

We consider you, the visitor of a website trying to sell you a music license, a professional worker in multimedia, therefore we won't embezzle you with marketing buzz words. Just listen, You are the only one to judge if your production can benefit from the addition of our music.


 If you have questions or suggestions please contact us , we always appreciate your opinion.

Our Production music catalogue contains many genres but we would like to focus your attention on what we believe are the highlights of our production:


  • 009 tension
  • 054 Speed
  • 124 power rhythms
  • 026epic crescendo
  • 121 spy action
  • 002 action buildup
  • 033 EpicUnderscore
  • 122 epic
  • 125 achievement
  • 056 EpicUnderscore II
  • 028epic piano
  • 127epic_adventures
  • 120 cinematic adventures
  • 123 chase


  • 047pianoandstrings
  • 048-piano-strings-II
  • 049-piano-strings-III
  • 046 jazz piano
  • 045 positive piano
  • 200-spring-miracle
  • 044 romantic piano
  • 043 easy piano
  • 042 introspective piano
  • 202 autumn nature
  • 201-summer-show
  • 203-winter-atmospheres
  • 024-jazzy chill
  • 031 emotionalPiano
  • 037 emotionalPianoII


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